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Danielle Froldi

Introduction I work alongside the GPs to do clinics to help out the on-call GP – attend home visits and do the ward round at Balmoral on Tuesday. I am currently doing training at University whilst working full-time to become a qualified Advanced Clinical Practitioner. Previously I worked at the Freeman Hospital in the Intensive … Continued

Danielle Jenkins

Introduction I provide specialist care for frail, elderly patients in the residential/nursing home linked to the practice. I visit Balmoral Court each week on a Tuesday to do a ward round to review and assess the residents to ensure the most effective and efficient medical care is provided.

Beth Lach

Introduction Pharmacists are experts in medication. As well as dispensing medication to patients, I also consult with patients directly, particularly those with long-term health conditions or those who are prescribed multiple medicines.

Danielle Bell

Introduction I joined Benfield Park in June 2018. As the Practice Nurse Lead I work a lot on Chronic disease management.

Elisa Butland

Introduction I diagnose and manage diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma. I am a prescriber, so can start and adjust medication within my competency. I administer injections, including immunisations.

Lindsay Yeats

Introduction I am a full-time health care assistant which entails taking blood, B12 injections, influenza injections, ECGs, basic wound dressings, undertaking annual reviews and NHS health checks for ages 40-75 years, blood pressure, and fitting of the ABPM 24hr BP watches. I also assist in sexual health and minor op surgeries. I started working at … Continued

Ashton Mitchell

Introduction Healthcare Assistants work with the practice nurses, doing blood tests, blood pressure, health checks, chronic disease annual reviews, ECGs, basic wound care, ear irrigation, as well as some immunizations including B12, pneumococcal, and influenza.

Grace Hardy

Introduction In my role my main responsibilities are: doing blood tests (Phlebotomy), Blood pressure checks, Injections (B12, Pneumonia, Flu jabs), Annual health checks for patients with chronic diseases, assisting with the Women’s health clinic and Minor surgeries, ECGs, doing Home Visits on housebound patients, visiting Balmoral care home and Ear irrigations.