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Accessing GP Services

General information with focus on who can use GP services
– How to register
– Free access to all including immigrants/asylum seekers
– unregistered/temporary residents

Ear syringing

Ear syringing   Ear irrigation – also known as syringing – is no longer considered the first-line treatment for clearing ear wax. This means the NHS no longer funds it in General Practice as other methods are preferred.   Self Help options Current guidelines are that ear drops should be used to soften the wax. … Continued

Think Pharmacy First

Think Pharmacy First   Your local community Pharmacist offers far more services than just medication collection. They can offer advice and treatment for a range of conditions and minor illnesses. You don’t need an appointment. You can just turn up. Many pharmacies are open in the evenings and weekends, too, giving you quicker, more flexible … Continued


What is screening? The NHS has a comprehensive screening plan designed to identify if you are at higher risk of developing several health problems. Risk factors can exist without symptoms, so screening targets otherwise healthy people. Screening means increased risk can be identified and treated early, reducing the chance of the conditions developing.   When … Continued

Sexual Health

Sexual Health The NHS has a range of free, confidential sexual health services. These services cover contraception, testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), and advice on unplanned pregnancies. You can use any of these services even if you are under 16 years old. If you are aged 13 or older, you have the same rights … Continued

Sick Notes, Fit Notes and Self-Certification

Sick Notes, Fit Notes and Self-Certification A fit note is a letter from a Doctor, usually your GP, telling your employer you are not currently able to work due to your health. The technical terms for a fit note is a Statement of Fitness for Work, but you will also hear them referred to as … Continued


Referrals What do we mean by referrals? A referral is when your GP wants the help of a specialist to decide how best to treat you. Specialists can carry out tests and investigations that we cannot do in practice. The Doctor will discuss the reasons for referring you and if you are happy to be … Continued

Getting your NHS data with a Subject Access Request

Getting your NHS data with a Subject Access Request You have a right to see your complete medical records and how the NHS has shared your information. There are different ways to do this.   Your Medical Records Your complete medical records, including copies of letters sent to and from us, scans, x-rays and notes, … Continued

Translators and Interpreters

Translators and Interpreters The NHS is obliged to make all possible efforts to communicate effectively with patients. This requirement includes meeting patients needs in a language other than English. Reducing communication barriers leads to better and safer diagnoses, prescriptions and combats health inequalities. All NHS services providers – whether it is us in the practice, … Continued