Benfield Park Medical Group provides a comprehensive nursing service including advanced nursing and health care assistant service that meets the identified needs of the practice population and complements the Primary Health Care Team.

An appointment can be made with a practice nurse to discuss travel advice, childhood immunisations, cervical smears dressings etc… This list is not exhaustive. Reception staff are able to offer advice as to which nurse is best suited for the needs of your appointment. The receptionist may need a brief idea of your problem to direct you to the appropriate nurse. If you would rather not discuss the problem with the receptionist, please feel free to tell them you feel it is private.

If you have a long term condition for example asthma, COPD, hypertension, diabetes or heart disease you will be offered an annual review which we feel is essential to ensure you are receiving appropriate and up-to-date treatment in line with local and national guidelines. You will invited to attend your annual review in the month of your birth.

We try to offer a range of appointment times including late evening appointments.

Danielle Bell

Practice Nurse Lead

Elisa Butland

Practice Nurse

Beth Lach



Healthcare Assistant


Healthcare Assistant


Healthcare Assistant