Our Teen Zone is set up to encourage young adults aged between 12-18 to come forward and speak to healthcare professionals in confidence when needed.
We understand that asking for help can be scary sometimes, if you don't feel comfortable telephoning the practice, you may find it easier to submit an E-consult.


How can I get help?
There are a number of options to get in touch with the surgery, you can:
Come into the practice to arrange an appointment
Call the practice on 0191 282 1010
Submit an E-consult, a GP will view the submission and a Dr or Receptionist will contact you.
"I want this to be confidential"
When you speak to a GP or Nurse, they have to follow the same confidentiality rules as they would for any other patient.
As a GP Practice we are required to keep all your medical history private.
In exceptional circumstances, for example if a GP or Nurse feels you are in danger, they may share your information but if  this is the case this will usually be discussed in the appointment
"Can I get help from anywhere else?"
Below are a list of links that you may find useful to view.
  •  Bullying Online - a 24hr service to help discuss any issues with Bullying.
  •  Talk to Frank - Gives honest and confidential information about drugs.
  •  Childline - Free 24hr advice line, gives information and help regarding lots of issues such as bullying, abuse and mental health issues.
  •  Bereavement Trust - a service that will offer you support and comfort if you have lost someone.
  •  Newcastle Carers - Offers help and support to carers in Newcastle.
  •  Talking Helps - Gives free confidential advice if you are struggling and need someone to talk to.
  • New Croft Centre - Provides information and advice regarding sexual issues, such as contraception and STI's.
  •  Samaritans - a 24/7 service which offers help when in a crisis and you need someone to talk to.
If you are in an emergency and need help urgently, please contact 999.