Newcastle Talking Therapies is a free and confidential service available to anyone aged 16 and above who is registered with a GP surgery in Newcastle.

The service offers a range of talking therapies, advice, information and support.
Talking therapies are effective in helping people with problems such as: depression, anxiety, stress, anger, fears, bereavement and relationship difficulties. These therapies can help you understand what is happening to you, help you work through your difficult feelings and develop strategies for coping better.

If you would like to speak to Newcastle Talking Therapies to get help or more information you can call them on 0300 555 1115 or go on their website click HERE.
You can also be referred to the service by one of our GPs or contact us for more advice if needed.

Opening Hours

Tuesday08:00am – 8pm
Monday,Wednesday - Friday 08.00am - 6.15pm

How to contact us:

Telephone0191 282 1010

Service details

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Date20th January 2016