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Alcohol & Drugs Support

Drinkline: Free, confidential helpline for people who are concerned about their drinking. 0300 123 1110 (weekdays 9am-8pm, weekends 11am-4pm) 
Alcoholics Anonymous: Helpline is open 24/7 on 0800 9177 650 or Live chat via their website 
SMART Recovery: Offers online and in person meetings.  
Drink wise, age well: Helps older adults make healthier choices about their drinking. They also offer a webchat tool which provides free support  

Alcohol & Drugs Support – For Family & Friends

Adfam: Improve lives of families affected by drugs and alcohol. Informs, supports, and empowers.  Or phone their helpline at 020 3817 9410 
Al-Anon: Support to anyone whose life is or has been affected by someone else’s drinking. A group sharing their joint experiences to solve common problems, or phone 020 7403 0888 
Bottled Up: Advice, and info for family members living with someone who is alcohol dependent.  
The Children’s Society: Stars initiative provides a hub of info, guidance, and resources on parental drug and alcohol use 
DrugFam: Charity providing support for families affected by alcohol and drug dependency. Provide a lifeline of safe, caring and professional support to families, friends and carers.  Alternatively, phone 0300 888 3853  
Family Lives: Helping parents to deal with the changes. Phone 0808 800 2222 
Grandparents Plus: Grandparents and wider family who take on the caring role in difficult family circumstances. Advising and supporting them with professional advice, information and casework support. Or phone 0300 123 7015  
Nacoa: Helpline charity providing info, advice, and support for everyone affected by their parents drinking. Or phone 0800 358 3456 
Relate: Advice and relationship counselling for couples, it also provides advice for parents and other family members to help dealing with difficult tines. Or phone 0300 100 1234 


Am I a Carer?
Newcastle Carers: Providing practical help and support to anyone looking after someone in the Newcastle area, including counselling and advice sessions.
Newcastle Carers Return to Work Project
Newcastle Carers Survery 2021
Newcastle Carers Support for Young Carers
Help for Young Carers: Information on a variety of services and help that is available.
Young Carer Rights
Carers UK: Advice, information, and support for carers, with access to an online community 24/7 or phone 0808 808 7777 

Gambling Advice & Support

NECA: Free, confidential support, or phone their helpline 0191 562 3309 
GamCare: Free, confidential treatment and support. Including self-help toolkit, and other resources. Phone 0808 8020 133 available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Domestic Abuse Support

Newcastle Integrated Domestic Abuse Service
Refuge: 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247. You can also access advice on their website, and support via live chat (Mon-Fri 3pm to 10pm) or British Sign Language (Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm) on their website
The Women’s Aid Survivors Handbook:  Contains information, including legal rights, supporting children and finding help. They also runs a live chat service (Mon-Sun 10am to 6pm)  and their website contains links to local services near you and to services specialising in support for Black and minoritised women.
Thirteen: Housing, employment, and mental health support. Phone  0300 111 1000 (Mon-Fri 8am-7pm) or email
Safe Space Location: Go into a nominated pharmacy and ask to use their safe space, you can use this to contact friends, family and access any needed support.

Mental Health Support

NHS Mental Health Information 
Every Mind Matters: Wellbeing tips and support.
LGBTQ+ Mental Health Support
Kooth: Free, safe and anonymous online community and support service, offering emotional and mental wellbeing advice and support to Children and Young People age range 11-25 and allows access to support from qualified counsellors and practitioners. There is also the opportunity to gain support from peers, join forums and learn coping skills to manage mental health in a safe and supportive way 
Peer Talk Tyneside: Peer support groups for people living with depression. 
1. Bensham Grove Community Centre, Monday Evenings 7-8:30pm 
2. Whitley Bay Big Local, Wednesday Evenings 7-8:30pm 
Tyneside Women’s Health: Mental health support for women 
Qwell: Available to anyone aged 26, they offer professional support and counselling as well as free, anonymous access to resources, an online community and live messaging with an online support team.

Young People & Children

Streetwise: Mental health support, contraceptive advice and sexual health clinics.
Children North East: Help and advice from pregnancy, to family support.
Little Orange Book: Free download, which contains useful tips and advice on how to manage common illnesses and problems that babies and young children experience, as well as first aid, and choosing the right pathway from managing at home with self-care to when to seek urgent help. 
Newcastle’s Local Offer: Information about services and fun things to do for those aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities. Or fill in the contact form by clicking here. 
Little Minds in Minds: Support for parents and caregivers who may be experiencing difficulties during pregnancy or after birth in their relationship with their baby. They also provide preparing for baby workshops, click here, for the information!