COVID-19 vaccination programme update #1

Last week the NHS began rolling out COVID-19 vaccines.

In Newcastle, the vaccination programme is being co-ordinated by Newcastle GP Services (NGPS) for the city as a whole. NGPS are the NHS Federation who work with us and other practices across the city.

As the vaccination programme is now underway, we wanted to let people know how it will work.

Vaccinations will take place in large venues across the city rather than in GP practices. This means practices like Benfield Park Medical Group will be able to maintain our usual services, and the larger venues will make it easier to maintain social distancing.

Not everyone can be vaccinated at once, and those at higher risk must be vaccinated first. The NHS has created a list of priority groups, which will be worked through gradually.

At the top of the list are patients and staff in care homes, followed by those aged 80 and above.

When it’s your turn to be invited for a COVID-19 vaccination, we will contact you.  

Please do not contact us, NGPS or any other NHS site asking to be put on the list. This will not change when you can get vaccinated and will make it harder for other people to contact us for help.