New Appointment System FAQs

Q: Are receptionists receiving medical training as part of the new appointments system? 

A: Receptionists at Benfield Park Medical Group are not receiving training as part of the new appointments system and it’s important to make it clear that our receptionists are NOT making clinical decisions.

Our receptionists use a set of questions, designed by GPs, to gather information the GP requires to make a sound clinical decision so that the patient is seen by the best person in a timely fashion.

Q: What if a patient does not want to discuss anything with a receptionist?

A: Receptionists at Benfield Park Medical Group play a vital role in the practice and as such we ask our patients to treat them as part of our health care team. All information given to our receptionists is treated in strict confidence and in line with NHS information governance standards

However, if a patient still feels uncomfortable discussing their issue with a receptionist then they do have the option of reporting their issue online using eConsult. To use eConsult please visit: www.benfieldparkmedicalgroup.co.uk

Q: When booking a non-urgent appointment, can I book it with a GP of my choice?

A: We try and accommodate patient’s reasonable requests when booking non-urgent appointments. If a patient wants to see a specific GP, it may be that the first available appointment is 1-2 weeks away. In this instance, it is the patient’s decision to either wait and see the GP of their choice or to be seen earlier by another GP.