Flu Vaccinations update

Dates for future clinics for flu’s etc:- 25th October and 1st November  for under 65s at our Molineux site 29th and 30th October Anna is doing a clinic for shingles , pneumonia, under 65 flu’s and 2-3year olds flus at  our Benfield site 13th November Danielle is doing a clinic for Shingles, pneumonia,flu’s(all categories) at  our Molineux site 14th November Anna has a clinic at …

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Tyneside Integrated Musculoskeletal Service (TIMS)

TIMS is a joint Newcastle and Gateshead service which offers self-care and fast access to information, resources and expert opinion about a variety of back, neck, joint or general muscle conditions. A key feature of TIMS is to support patients to self-manage their own musculoskeletal conditions through their dedicated website at www.tims.nhs.uk which provides a…

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